Deacon Dave's

Casa del Pomba
(House of the Dove)

Christmas 1999: Hark The Herald Angels Sing
An opening ceremony on Saturday, December 4 marked the long-awaited "turning on of the lights" at Deacon Dave's. A candlelight procession started at the top of Hillcrest Avenue, led by the Livermore-Granada High Schools Choir, stopping in front of the darkened display. Deacon Dave thanked the patience and tolerance of the neighbors, and said a prayer for an end to bigotry, hatred, and violence. As he announced the theme, the entrance lights came on. At the proclamation of "let there be light", all the lights were turned on, to the delight of the approximately 300 people attending. The gates were opened, and the crowds were let in to see the telling of the story of the birth of Jesus.

Visitors enter the City of Jerusalem, and are invited to stop at the "Chamber of Commerce" to pick up a souvenir bookmark and ask any questions. As they make their way down the driveway, visitors can catch a glimpse of Ephraim selling his tents, Esther in her pottery shop, Nehemiah's Market, Jezebel's Inn, and Zabad watching over his camel stables. At the end of the drive is a towering palace, home to King Herod. A scribe is seen relating the news of a newborn king. Farther along is Bethelem and the manger with Joseph, Mary, Jesus, and an angel. The Three Wise Men are depicted following the star on their camels, and shepherds hear the news from an angel.

While touring Jerusalem and Bethelem, visitors are surrounded by 193,135 lights! We invite you to stop by and enjoy this gift to the community.

The main entrance to the display as seen from across the street.