Deacon Dave's

Casa del Pomba
(House of the Dove)

This year, the theme is
North Pole Bakeries & Candy Shoppes

Deacon Dave's crew has been working hard on this year's display. Planning starts the year before, when the theme is announced to the crew at their annual party. Sworn to secrecy, they start brainstorming about how they can tell the next year's story. Serious planning and layout begins early spring, when the planning team gets together to lay out the display. Props are often started in about May, while construction on the driveway buildings starts mid-August. Construction continues every weekend until opening the first Friday in December. The light crew starts October 1st, and works most evenings in order to get all the lights up in time. Tear down starts the day after closing, January 2nd. The buildings are put together with screws, so everything is dismantled into stacks of plywood and 2x4's to be used again.


This year, there are over 262,000 lights for you to enjoy, along with the theme. An underlying theme is "One Nation Under God", which is displayed in lights on the roof. At Deacon Dave's home, it's always a "Merry Christmas!"

Display OPENS - 6:30 pm on First Friday in December
and CLOSES - 9 pm On January 1

Display Hours

There is no entrance fee - it is Deacon Dave's gift to the community

Display location

352 Hillcrest Ave, Livermore, CA