Deacon Dave's

Casa del Pomba
(House of the Dove)

Christmas 1996: Christmas Around The World

Some of you may remember the Passport Office. Volunteers greeted the crowds, and handed out candy canes to the children. A dated souvenir "passport" was handed out to everyone wanting a keepsake of the season.

Visitors took a trip around the world, exploring how other nations celebrate the holiday. How many of these greetings can you place with the correct country represented at Deacon Dave's Christmas Around The World?

1. Maligayang Pasko a. Germany
2. Zalig Kerstfeest b. Russia
3. Frohliche Weinachten c. Philippines
4. S Roshestvom Khristovym d. United States
5. Glad Jul e. Italy
6. Bono Natale f. Holland
7. Feliz Navidad g. Sweden
8. Merry Christmas h. Mexico


Answers: 1 - c; 2 - f; 3 - a; 4 - b; 5 - g; 6 - e; 7 - h; 8 - d.