Deacon Dave's

Casa del Pomba
(House of the Dove)


Each year, Deacon Dave pens a new blessing. People of all faiths are encouraged by the hopes for peace. A tradition began to distribute bookmarks to all our visitors with the blessing on them. Many people look forward to this prayer, and share their hopes for the end to violence and hatred.

2005 Christmas Blessing

Lord God, we ask your blessing on all persons who walk thru the gates of the House of the Dove.

Bless your people of all faiths who strive to live by your Commandments as they walk thru this life toward your Kingdom of Heaven.

We pray for an end of hatred and violence and seek to respect all life that you created. May we always remember to respect our differences even when we may disagree, for we are all Children of God.

We thank you Lord God for the many gifts you have bestowed on us and on our great nation. May we be your instruments in defeating world poverty, hunger, and abuse.

As we dedicate this year's Christmas display to our men and women in the military services of the United States of America, may each light be a prayer for their safety and well being.

Praying for World Peace let us remain "One Nation Under God."


2004 Christmas Blessing

All God's Children - Respecting Our Differences

Lord God, Bless us, your children. May we come to understand and respect our differences.

We pray for world peace, and for an end to hatred and violence.

Lord God, we humbly ask that you soften the hard hearts of those who hate us because of who we are.

In this Season of Christmas, send your Blessing upon all your children who seek peace, who respect life, and who strive to accept our various multicultural traditions.

May God Bless each and every on who passes through the gates of the House of the Dove.


2001 Christmas Blessing

God Bless our Police, Firefighters, Doctors, Medical Workers, and all who serve us.

We remember them and we remember those who lost loved ones this past year. Lord strengthen them that they may see the hope and love in Christmas.

Fill their life with good memories of Christmas past. Grant them renewed love in friends and family and a peaceful heart.

Keep "America the Beautiful" united and we humbly ask you Lord, to bless us.


2000 Christmas Blessing

As the Jubilee year 2000 comes to a close and we journey on into the third millennium for the year 2001.

May we look back to the memories of the past and reflect on the good and vow not to repeat the bad.

May people of all faiths work together in bridging greater understanding of one another. May our differences create a rainbow of color that reflects the positive in human life and all the possibilities of goodness that God our Father places before us.

May we vow to protect the beauty of God's creation as his caretakers of the earth. Let us strive for peace within our hearts and do all we can to end hunger and poverty in the world.

May God most high bless each and everyone who passes through the gates here at the House of the Dove.


1999 Christmas Blessing

As we come to the end of the 1900's and celebrate the Jubilee year 2000, we prepare to enter the Third Millennium in 2001.

May all return to their Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, or place of worship to praise the Glory of God, giving thanks for the gifts we have in life.

As we enter the Third Millennium, let us pray for and end to violence, abuse, hatred, bigotry, and ask for tolerance in accepting our differences as sisters and brothers, as Children of God.

May God Most High Bless each and everyone who passes through the gates here at the House of the Dove.