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Casa del Pomba
(House of the Dove)

Christmas 2000:

North Pole Celebrates Christmas 2000

Elfs Enjoy A Ride On The Ferris WheelFerris Wheel Arrives In Town!

Dateline - North Pole

Mr. & Mrs. Claus are proud to announce the opening of the year 2000 celebration. World renowned gift giver and spreader of good will, Santa Claus has announced the arrival of the North Pole Carnival just in time to help in celebrating the year 2000. Mrs. Claus has outdone herself by inviting everyone over to their house for a good old-fashioned dinner party.

The North Pole, scene of many celebrations over the years, has never seen such an extravaganza. Everyone is invited to attend the celebration. Work on building Christmas toys has been suspended for the duration of the celebration to make sure that all the elves can attend.

The ferris wheel is a big hit with the elves. As one of the main attractions on the midway, ferris wheel tickets are selling out fast. Of course there is no charge for the ride tickets, it is all Santa's gift to his hard working elf's.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a carnival without a merry-go-round, and the Millenium-Go-Round gives the elves an endless ride!