Deacon Dave's

Casa del Pomba
(House of the Dove)

Welcome to the official home page of Livermore's legendary Deacon Dave and his spectacular Christmas display. For the past 23 years Deacon Dave has sponsored a celebration of Christmas at his home located at 352 Hillcrest Ave. This page is constantly under construction, so check frequently for updates and changes!

If you would like to be a part of the Casa del Pomba Christmas Crew, please e-mail

Note: The display is closed in inclement weather. When conditions become unsafe, we must keep the gates locked. If we can, we will leave the lights on for you to view from the street.

We invite you to walk through the display, so please dress accordingly.

A quick check of the current weather.

Livermore and the Tri-Valley area residents love the season, and love to decorate, so be sure to check out Tri-Valley Holiday Lights web site for some other beautiful displays.

2006 Opening Night - Friday, December 1 at 6:30


Can you help? We have lost our paint donation starting next year. Can you help? We would also greatly appreciate donation of lumber.

Please contact if you or your company can lend a hand to this great community project.


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2006 - Come on, now - you know it's a secret until opening night!

2005 - A secret until opening night, this year's theme is "North Pole Bakeries & Candy Shoppes." Enter the driveway under a 2 story building adorned with gingerbread men keeping watch. Mrs.Claus keeps an eye on the work going on in her bakery while an elevator takes supplies up and down from the second floor. On the other side, an elf makes sure Santa will have all the cookies and candy canes he'll need for his busy night. Mrs. Claus' house is next, featuring the 2 doves that are found somewhere in the display every year. A mailbox takes letters to Santa - and yes, we make sure he gets them and replies! A gingerbread house next door has large gingerbreads circling on the first floor, while elves decorate a tree in the second floor windows. Don't forget to try your luck at the coin toss! All donations go to Santa's Secret Service, providing gifts and entertainment to nursing homes, shelters, and others in need at Christmas. A windmill that really turns is making candy and taffy in the corner, and a huge hot chocolate pot boils in the other corner. Elves are making sure the cookie and hot chocolate vendor near the exit is well stocked! Be sure to check out the roof of the house, where "One Nation Under God" is displayed in lights.

2004 - It was a step back in time to a "Victorian Christmas." Guests walked down the driveway transformed into a city street during the turn of the century. A 2 story hotel was the centerpiece, with Papa in his rocker while one child played on the floor under a tree decorated in traditional Victorian style ornaments. Handmade paper roses, paper garland, and "candle" lights (okay, we cheated here and used electricity!) adorned the 9 foot tree. A mischievous child on the second floor balcony was caught trying to pull decorations off the tree from his high perch. On the other side of the drive, a general store stocked all the items needed for a traditional Christmas, including baked goods, decorations, and kitchen supplies. Down the driveway, a mother and daughter enjoyed ice cream treats in the sweets shoppe and ice cream store. Carolers stood outside the florist shop. In the yard, a chapel filled the corner, with parishoners seen silhouetted as they head in to service. (Here's a secret - the silhouettes were all of crew members and Deacon Dave!)


2003 - "Reindeer Flight Training School" - Guests entered under an arch attached to the Flight School's main office. Above the office, a reindeer circled while under the careful watch of a trainer elf. The school room showed some of the technical lessons the elves and reindeer have to learn, including weather prediction and the world map. One corner of the yard featured the control tower, with 2 elves keeping a close eye on all flight activity. In front of the tower, a poor elf had just flunked his flying test, as his crashed sleigh showed. Crossing the bridge, you got to see elves working in the sleigh wash, making sure Santa's sleigh was in peak condition for his Christmas Eve flight.


2002 - The theme this year was "Ice Castle." Standing in front, you saw a rotating turntable with 4 holiday scenes. Then you entered a 26 foot tall icy palace to view penguins, trees, 2 working waterfalls, and the Snow Queen and her attendants overseeing it all. After leaving the palace, guests tried their luck at the coin toss before circling the "castle grounds". (All monies collected are donated to Santa's Secret Service, a program that visits nursing homes and shelters over the holiday delivering gifts and goodwill.) Polar bears and penguins, and some lucky children were ice skating. Jack Frost was on hand to keep things cool.

2001 - "Toyland"

2000 - North Pole Celebrates Christmas 2000

1999 - Hark, The Herald Angels Sing

1998 - Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol

1997 - Santa's Workshop

1996 - Christmas Around The World

1995 - North Pole

1994 - A Story Book Christmas

1993 - Twas The Night Before Christmas

1992 - Making A List

1991 - Christmas Dreams

1990 - Land of Giant Candy Canes

1989 - All Aboard Santa's Christmas Express

1988 - Bethlehem

1987 - Santa's Ranch

1986 - Santa's Product Testing Center

1985 - Santa's Village

1984 - Oh, Holy Night

1983 - Garden of Lights

1982 - Christmas